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Perla Lux apartments
Your oasis of relaxation

"Perla Lux" apartments are located in the center of Inđija, halfway between Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Modernly equipped

All apartments are luxuriously equipped with new exclusive furniture, as well as modern technology.

Located in the city center

Complex "Perla Lux" apartments
are located in the very center of the city - Inđija.

Smart Tv

Each apartment has a large "Smart" TV
with cable channels.

Fast Wi-Fi

If you have business needs, it is necessary to complete the current project, "Perla Lux" has provided you with the fastest optical internet.

Equipped bathrooms

Each apartment has the highest quality Italian ceramics in modern designed bathrooms.


All guests of "Perla Lux" apartments have free, secured parking.

Chargers for electric cars

There are chargers for electric cars within our parking lot.

Electronic payment enables complete electronic access to hotel facilities. Using the received code, hotel guests can independently enter their apartment.

Perfect place
to rest

Reasons for visiting

Why Perla Lux?

Since November 1, 2022

All "Perla Lux" apartments are built according to the highest international standards. The highest quality manufacturing materials and the most modern technology were used.

Hotel visitors can independently enter the apartment without registering at the reception desk, thanks to a completely digital access.

"Perla Lux" apartments are located exactly between Belgrade and Novi Sad, which makes it an ideal location for a break.

Secured parking is located behind the building itself, so the car is safe and not in a visible place.

Users of electric cars can leave their cars for charging during their stay in our facility.

A mini bar with a wide selection of drinks is available to guests.

All hotel guests are provided with breakfast.

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About us

After 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, the restaurant "Perla" completed its activity with luxury apartments in the very center of Inđija. The facility was built according to the most modern world standards and is therefore ideal for younger and older guests, families and business people. Visit us.


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